Wednesday, January 7

There Are No Words FOr This

I have long since decided that I am one exceptional gal in terms of thinking and speaking. This is not to put myself above others but to emphasize the fact that compared to people I move circles with, I have learned more in the same situations that we all experienced. I am aware of my strengths and my weaknesses, my dreams and frustrations. Most of the time, I know what to think, how to react, what words to say, when to say them. Most of the time, but not all.

For there are times that I have no idea, too. And right now is one of them.

In terms of writing, I am exceptional. I write in riddles, I have meanings between the lines, I exist in another world. Just like the other writers both budding and hardcore, I am sensitive when it comes to what I write. Criticize what I am, I'm okay. But criticize what I write, and you'll nail me.

At this point, I am one huge pulp. A fuckin' mess that I don't even know is composed of.

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