Wednesday, January 7

Thoughts on.. Whatever!

in a way, i am alone too, but i am not lonely..

where do you think nanggaling yung 70% brain-30% heart na division when it comes to decision making?

not just because mas mataas ang brain sa heart in terms of position sa katawan naten. it was put there because it's the one that is SUPPOSED to make the decisions. the heart has a mind of its own, we all know that, di ba nga most of us believed in following our hearts.. that in doing so, we will be happy..but did it ever occur to you guys that happinness is never the forever kind.. that what makes it beautiful is because it surfaces after every pain, after every hurt, after every depression.. rainbow after the rain, sunlight just after dawn.. if you haven't noticed, the heart goes with the flow.. it never contradicts the CHOICE.. so if choice mong malungkot, it will be sad.. if choice mong maging happy, it will be happy..

do not fear solitude and melancholia.. we are humans.. we are born and meant to feel all things beautiful and all things ugly.. it's the only way we will be able to appreciate life.. if we do not feel happinness, how will we have hope when we are in our trying times? if we do not undergo bad experiences and trials, how will we learn to appreciate the good things that come our way? :)

my thoughts..

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