Thursday, June 4


to my one and only bebang,

i may be rude, egoistic, mean, brat and others, but i want you to know na.. sayo lang ako ganun.. haha! joke lang ;) seriously, beneath my oh-so-mean nature is a heart and a friend that is forever loyal to you.

yes, it's true that the kind of friend i am to you is the kind of friend i am with others, esp if i care about them.. but know that despite you being one of many, your value to me is one in not only a million but infinity ;)

i know at times i make life hard for you. think of it as your anchor to sanity and reality, that i serve as that one proof that despite everything being mundane, there is still one thing good about all of it, and that is the presence of one person who'll stand with you through it all :)

ako yun :p

at times, i may sound like i'm giving up on you, or get tired from listening, hey, maybe i will in the future.. but it's just a phase, a part of my human side that i can overcome.. keep in mind that i will always go back to being the friend that you need.. the one who listens ALL THE TIME.. :)

just be patient ;)

iloveyou, bebang :D

-tsutsay(that's how momo spelled it,haha!)

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