Monday, April 23

My ZALORA Wishlist

I am not into clothes. When I was a young girl, my wardrobe consists of boy's shorts, tshirts, and rubber slippers. Despite my gender, I am considered by everybody as one of the neighborhood boys; I look, play, talk, and even think like one.

Then came that period in our lives that we consider would either make or break us as a person: high school. The realization that I was a girl came to me on the first day of my freshman year: I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart started pumping loudly AT THE SIGHT OF ONE BOY. That's right. I have a crush. Eww. It's like the feeling of Adam and Eve when they first bit the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil: they realized they were naked and they can't wait to find stuff to cover their privates. It felt that way, though to a lesser degree. I didn't do anything wrong. I was just ignorant, and I had my wake-up call. Ugh.

Back then, my mother, who has a certain concept of how girls should dress, is a successful careerwoman whose wardrobe consists of corporate attires in all colors and lengths, and jewelries (both fancy and real) in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Let's not forget to mention her love for shoes. Anyway, mom dresses me the way she dresses herself. Long sleeves, slacks, and leather shoes. Can you imagine how much I suffered in my high school days?

Fast forward to college, I pretty much was given a say as to what clothes I want to wear, but since I'm a big girl, the clothes I like do not come in my size, and those that fit me, I don't like their designs. The early years after the millennium kicked in, plussize women like me weren't that popular yet in the market. So I had no choice but to have the same set of clothes from my sophomore year in college until I graduate.

Then came the time when I started working. Imagine my joy when I can strut inside clothing stores and shoe boutiques in malls, and just choose what I want to wear and purchase it. I didn't believe what those self-help books say about feeling more confident if I wear the right clothes. But I realized that, as I started wearing the clothes that I bought, I felt more sure of myself, I started walking with pride, and I generally feel great about myself. I felt beautiful.

I'm in my late 20s now, and lately, I have been faced with problems that I don't even know what gets me going anymore. Yes, I have a boyfriend who would do anything for me; yes, I have my piglets (aka students) who are always ready to cheer me up; I have my dreams that even if they seem very far in the future at this point I still want to reach them; and I have my inner passion to overcome all of this struggles.

I felt renewed when I was given free reign over choosing what to wear. Now, I am given a chance to feel that again, and so I choose these 5 items that I simply like.

1. Vibram FiveFingers Footwear. I saw one of my students wearing this in class, and I told myself, when I can afford again, I will buy myself a pair. I like it's design and it will help me in my job hunting, as I live an hour and a half away from Metro Manila. My everyday travel to and from the companies that I apply for takes most of my time. Don't get me wrong, I love walking. It's the only exercise that I don't abhor. But if you do it in high-heeled shoes or just plain leather shoes, it is bound to make you hate even the short distance walks. Size 41 :D

2. Stamps Blue Eyes in Pastel Blue Watch. Blue is my ultimate favorite color and my eyes are my sexiest assets (err, I think so.) I was browsing the collection of watches that Zalora offers and I chanced upon this gorgeous watch and decided to just include it in the list. It simply called my name.

3. Prada Women's Shades. I have an eye problem. Maybe it's because I read too much or it's because I stay in front of the computer longer than anything I do in any day, but whenever I am outside, with the sunlight in my eyes, they just cry. Or rather they get teary. So now, I wear shades whenever I am in front of a computer, a television screen, even at night, and whenever I am outside. Mall lights also give me a hard time, so shades are more than a luxury for me; it's a necessity. Why Prada? All my shades, I've bought them below P100. I've never had any signature branded sunglasses. I like Prada because "The Devil Wears Prada" *insert demmonic laugh* :))

4. Twinky knee-high rutched wedge boots. One thing I have always wanted to wear that I never got the chance to buy for myself is a pair of boots. I can pair it in any of my skirts, pants, or dresses, and I'd still look nice (I hope). There was this one time that I went to a dance club, and they didn't let me in because it's a boots night and I'm wearing simple high-heeled shoes. I mean, I was excited for weeks that I was finally going to be able to enter THAT dance club that I went on diet so that I can save up for a complete set of clothes: a nice halter top, a short skirt, and killer heels. I even bought sexy underwear so that if ever I find myself in a "I'm-having-fun-and-I-don't-care-if-I'm-having-a-wardrobe-malfunction" situation, I'd still look nice! But lo and behold, my dreams were shattered. So there. I want these boots. Size 41 :D

5. Sassa Triangle Bikini Set (Red and Gray). I know, you must think me a lunatic for wanting a two-piece bikini set with my body size. But I own a few pairs of black two-piece swimsuits that I wore in my Boracay rendezvous in the past years so it's no big deal. I want to break the trend though, that most fat people like me wear black because it makes us look slimmer. Hell no. We can also wear other colors, FYI. And I want to wear this swimwear on my next Boracay escapade with my boyfriend (though God knows when that'll be).

So there, it's up to you, Zalora. I'm gonna pray that am one of the five ;)

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