Friday, February 20

Happy Valentine's Day =)

We had an argument, our very first argument in our 11 months together, last Friday the 13th, the day before Valentine's Day.

It was a miscommunication about our date, I thought he cancelled on me, and it really got to my nerves when in reality, we'd just meet up late as opposed to the original plan where we'd give the day an early start. Anyway, we talked it out that same night and when we hang up during the early hours of Hearts Day, it was decided that we'd meet 5pm. Greenbelt Chapel.

I wasn't feeling well when I woke up. It was the weather combined with my recent accident where I was hit by a motorcycle. Still, after reading his good morning message, I decided to go, and so I prepared.

I was in the middle of this very thick Julie Garwood novel, sitting next to this hunk of a guy at Powerbooks Live! in Greenbelt when I got a call from him, saying he's already at the chapel. When the call was done, I stared at the book in my hand and glanced sideways at the guy next to me. I was thinking then that I could make him wait for several minutes so I could finish the novel that I was reading, but since I was already feeling dizzy and groggy from the bookstore's never ending bossa nova background music and I felt a sudden urge to start our Valentine's Day, I decided to go to him.

I walked to the Chapel, went to him and when I spotted him, I smiled to myself. Even after 11 months, I still look at him with loving eyes. When I reached my ogre, he took my hand, squeezed it, kissed my cheek, and smiled at me, wearing the same expression that I have on my face that very moment.

The mass ended, and we walked, rather Buqnoi made kaladkad Tsootsai all over Greenbelt. He has good news for me, I can feel it, and I think I remember him whispering something to me about it as I was praying, but I was so busy being happy that I'm finally with him on our very first Valentine's date that I was not paying attention.

The good news is he had a sale =D The price to pay for the argument we had is a sale, and that made me happy, not to mention relieved. He's been worrying about not having one since the new year kicked in, and finally, we have something. His energy and enthusiasm got to me, and before we knew it, we were like two starry-eyed lovers hhww (holding hands while walking)not caring whether the people stare at us or not.

We reached Fish Out of Water, and scanned the menu. Conscious with my seafood allergies, we surveyed if they have enough choices on their menu that aren't limited to creatures who swim and live in the water, after all, the name of the restautant speaks for itself. Good thing though they also serve grass eaters =D Tsootsai had chicken, Buqnoi ordered beef.

Everybody in the restaurant were wearing semi formals, as if there is an event about to happen we both have no knowledge of. But the ever julug(jologs) couple that we are, we simply ignored them. After all, we have evryone's excuse for having our own world: it's Valentine's Day =D

Amidst try hard accents, overdressed fellow customers, irritating waitresses and the bossa nova background music I escaped from in Powerbooks Live! the julug couple of PExlandia were having the time of their lives.

Personally, I don't particularly like dinner by candlelight. I've always wondered what the fuss is all about, not that I never experienced it before, but I believe that it's up to the people who are dating to make the experience beautiful, not up to sticks of wax on fire.

But there I was, staring at the candle in our table, listening to Sitti croon about true love that lasts forever, overwhelmed by the feelings of joy, love and kilig threatening to drown me... and as the ogre reached for my hand, I looked at him and I couldn't ask for more. Words failed us, it was that beautiful, and now I'm into candlelight dinners too!

After dinner, we again hhww(held hands while walking) just enjoying the time that we have with each other. This may be hard to believe for everyone who really know us, but John and I spend most of our times together not talking. As opposed to the ever talkative and animated John and Eeyan, just holding each other, being there, and looking into each other's eyes, is enough to make our hearts beat with uncontrollable joy. Some of our sweetest and most beautiful moments were shared in silence, that even the words I used do not even begin to describe what those moments felt like.

These, of course are not just the ones shared in bed, though they all are included =D Haha!

After some time, he pulled me towards what I familiarly know as a place where a Starbucks is, and so I anticipated another coffee moment for us. In Greenbelt 1, Buqnoi asked Tsootsai to wander for a while while he talks to somebody, and wander I did. I was in the middle of the lobby staring up at the movie posters when I felt him behind me. I turned to smile at him and found myself open-mouthed and wide-eyed:

In the middle of Greenbelt 1, in front of other couples, store owners, other customers and other existence, Buqnoi gave Tsootsai a big bouquet (^^,)

The biggest grin tore half my blushing face as he asked me for a kiss, which I declined playfully. I guess I was so happy with the bouquet that for a while there, I was out of sorts.

You see, Buqnoi, in all our months together, gave me a bouquet only once. It was during our 8th month together, before watching Quantum of Solace, given at Starbucks in the middle of oher coffee fans. Back then, I was also very happy, same bulging eyes and open mouth, for as much as I was questioning candlelight dinners, flowers are in my "okay lang wala pero much better if meron" list of things to do/give to your girlfriend. =p

It makes me wonder though that despite this being the second time that he gave me a bouquet, it still feels great. Greater at some points. Weird as it may sound, with John, the first time is always the best, but the second and others are always best-er and best-est. Haha! I wonder how he does that ;)

We continued being gaga over each other as we make our way to the bus station. It kinda made me sad, for our Valentine's Day is about to end. But nothing good lasts forever, and what we just had is great, so it's understandable. We held hands from Ayala to somewhere in Shaw, then he let my hand go and took something from his bag. I was staring out of the window, listening to the nice rock love song playing in the bus radio, telling myself I'd dedicate it to him, when from inside the bag, Buqnoi gave me a wrapped package.

I opened it and for the second time that night, my mouth was hanging open and my eyes almost dropped out. I looked at him, speechless, though it's hard to imagine me being in that state.

He gave me a scrapbook. Dozens of different emotions shot through me and a hundred different thoughts swirled inside my head.

Whenever we go to a bookstore or a crafts store, I always go to the scrapbook section. I never bought one, I wasn't so sure how John would like me making one, or how he'd take it when the time comes that I finally give it to him. I find it girly and at the same time, mushy, and John, for some reason unknown to me, is not that much into mushy things. But the scrapbook is in our bucket list, so I told myself I'd just find the right time.

Imagine my shock when he presented me with one.

I was teary-eyed when his stop came. Who knows when we'll see each other again. The next few weeks are gonna be busy for us, with my finals coming and his daughter Chelsea's 7th bday. I'll surely miss mi amore, more now than ever. But we have something that we could look forward to.

Our anniversary is just around the corner =D

Iloveyou, Teacup ;)

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